International Webmasters Association

An increasing number of people will form their first impressions of your business from your website. The site must therefore present you in exactly the right way; demonstrating that you are professionals, serious about your business.

Our practical approach to website design will ensure a sensible and cost-effective web marketing solution that works for you. Our sites are attractive, effective and user-friendly. The result is an organised functional site, full of impact, delivering information quickly and efficiently.

KHS DataSys websites are individually designed for each client. The overall look and feel of the design is discussed with the client beforehand and samples prepared as necessary. All work, from copy to digital photography, is normally carried out in-house but external design and software specialists will be contracted for projects with specialist requirements.

Many sites change on a sporadic basis. Others need updating daily. It is vital to keep every site fresh and current, so we treat site maintenance with the very highest priority and endeavour to complete updates within an hour or two of instruction.

Having designed your website, it is essential that it is hosted with same attention to detail and professionalism.....

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