International Webmasters Association

To facilitate collection of email and Internet access, we offer UK clients reliable and secure dial-up facilities with modem connection at 56Kbps, or ISDN connection at 64/128Kbps.

Up to five dial-up accounts will be provided, free of charge, for each domain hosted with KHS DataSys. Additional dial-up accounts are available for a nominal extra charge. Connection is via a UK 0845 number and local-rate telecom charges apply.

Clients who envisage extensive use of the Internet may wish to consider the Anytime packages available from mass-market ISPs. For a fixed monthly fee, these packages offer unlimited access to the Internet, without call charges. This makes it viable to collect your email automatically, every few minutes, enabling the professional and rapid response so essential to successful e-commerce. Please contact us for further information.

Connecting to the Internet via another ISP does not affect your ability to use the email addresses associated with your domain we will simply, and instantaneously, forward all mail to the generic email address provided by your dial-up ISP.

Naturally, all email options will be fully discussed with you and our help and advice is constantly available..... 

KHS DataSys - Tel/Fax: +44 (0)1787-466802